Using Songs To Teach Your Children

One of the many beauties of home education is the freedom that is found in how you choose to educate. You decide what’s top priority for your family and how those priorities play out in your day to day. It’s both a great responsibility and a great privilege. One of our families top priorities, especially in these younger years, is to make learning fun and memorize as much as possible. We want our children to have a deep love of learning. We also recognize that children remember everything! It’s truly amazing. And while I’m not sure the science behind it, I have recognized that songs are especially easy to memorize. Something about words being set to a tune and a rhythm makes them stick in our minds forever.

A quick search on Youtube can find you a plethora of songs to memorize all sorts of things. Some are worthwhile and some are downright annoying. So I’ll offer this warning: If you’re wanting to use song to teach your children, vet the songs before you listen to them with your children. Some may sound like nails on a chalkboard, but your children might think it’s the best thing ever. I’m a big believer that you should not have to endure terrible music, movies, shows etc simply because your children like them. Children like a lot of things and we as mothers and fathers have a big influence on that. So find songs that your family all enjoy.

We love incorporating these songs into our breakfast time. It’s a sweet way to start our day together.

Here are some songs that our family has enjoyed:

10 Commandments Song (we change ‘thou shalt not kill’ to ‘thou shalt not murder’. A small but huge difference.)

Books Of The Bible Song (Chris and I now sing this in our head as we’re flipping through our bibles each morning)

Days Of The Week Song (Many days of the week songs start with Monday but our family starts our week on Sundays which this song does as well.)

Months Of The Year Song

Hymn Of The Month

50 States Of The United States

If you’re considering homeschooling your children, read this post all about the books I recommend.

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