Planning For The New Year As A Couple

Planning For The New Year As A Couple

It can be easy as a couple to go through our days, months, years and not really have a vision or direction. But we’ve found that planning for the new year as a couple helps us to not only catch a vision for what the next year can look like but also reflect on the good and the hard from the previous year. We’ve been planning for the new year as a couple for a few years now and have found a rhythm that fits well for our family.

Planning For The New Year As A Couple

Set Aside A Weekend Away

In all reality, this hasn’t always happened for our family. We are protective of who watches our children and for some years we haven’t lived by family. This means that rather than setting aside a weekend away, we’ve set aside a week’s worth of evenings. But when we get away for a weekend it’s such a sweet time of connection. Our anniversary is in January so we couple our anniversary weekend with our Planning For The New Year As A Couple weekend. I know that some people rather plan for the new year during November and December which is great, too. The main thing is planning a time and intentionally setting it apart for this purpose. During our weekend away or those evenings in, we go through our New Year Reflection and Vision Framework. Which leads us to our next step.

Have A Plan for Planning For The New Year As A Couple

Having a plan for your time together helps you maximize your efforts and jump into the new year with excitement and vision. We’ve developed our framework over years of trying different approaches, liking parts of some and tweaking parts of others. We created a simple PDF for you to download and use with your spouse as well, if you’d like.

Planning For The New Year As A Couple

Reflect Before Looking Forward

No matter what our planning time looks like we always always start with reflecting on the previous year. It can be so encouraging to look back and see how far we’ve come, or how faithful God has been to us if the year has been especially difficult. I bring our big wall calendar and we go month by month through our year, reflecting on the highs and lows.

If we’re only ever looking forward we can feel a bit discouraged or overwhelmed. It can feel like we still have so far to go. But looking back first allows us to start from a place of gratitude. Many things that we spend our time on won’t show up on a progress report or be checked off of a goals list but it’s time very well spent, nonetheless. From there we can look forward to all that we wish this next year to hold with excitement and anticipation.

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Schedule Your Year

This may sound a bit overwhelming but it’s actually a very peaceful process. Whatever you know you are going to commit time to in the new year, put it on the calendar at the beginning of the year. This allows you to make sure that you are spending your time intentionally and towards the vision you have. Even if it’s something that we want to do but haven’t actually committed to, we put it on the calendar. That way, when we are asked to commit to anything extra we can already see what we intended for that time to be.

It’s easy to feel like you can commit to something in June if you have nothing on the calendar. It’s easier to say no, however, when you look at June and see that you already planned to do 3-4 things that are of high value for your family and your vision. Basically, it’s a budget for your time.

New Year Reflection and Vision Framework
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