Amazon Favorites

A quick and easy way to find all my favorite Amazon finds. But first, a few quick tips.


First of all we need to talk about Subscribe & Save. You can subscribe to items that you buy regularly and when you do so you get them at a discount. Yes, please. We currently have diapers, wipes, homeopathic teething medicine, coffee and coconut milk on our subscribe and save list. Oh and my all time favorite natural stain removing spray! You can choose how often they get shipped so some items I need monthly while others, like the natural stain removing spray, I only need every couple of months. Highly recommend it if you are constantly ordering the same things over and over again. You don’t have to think about it once it’s set up and you save money. A win win for moms.


Amazon does this really cool thing where if you make your purchases through they will make a donation to the charity of your choice for every dollar you spend. It’s so simple and easy and we love seeing that our excessive amazon purchases are being used to bless our favorite organization.

I tried to group my favorites into like categories. Everything baby & kid related should be towards the top (which ends up taking up the majority of the list) and then household items below and so on. This was a process to create but I’m hopeful that it is helpful for you.


SO encouraging and life giving. Get one for yourself and then buy one for all your friends;)

This is a must read, in my opinion, for any woman. I read it when Chris and I were dating and it was so eye opening and helped me to love him better and support him deeper. It’s like all the things a guy would want you to know but often they can’t verbalize it.

This book is so refreshing as a mama.

This is one of our favorite books to read with the boys.

This tiny $2 book is such a simple way to infuse Jesus into our conversation with our kiddo’s every day. We love it.

Such a sweet book to have or to gift.

Such a great book outlining each enneagram number.

Love this devotional

This book is insanely eye opening.

We got this book at a marriage and family workshop we attended in the fall and adore how it addresses feelings from a biblical perspective. That feelings are important but they don’t have to control us. Such a great lesson for kids and adults!

I love how this incorporates learning basics of anatomy along with how Jesus heals.

A great book to read all year round and especially during Lent & Easter.

Baby & Toddler

This carseat is so soft and cozy for those sweet newborns.

We love this car seat. It’s a bit on the pricey side but it can be used as a booster seat as well which means you don’t have to buy another seat until they’re big enough to sit in a normal seat.

This stroller is so wonderful. And you can buy a car seat adapter for it so when you’re babe is little you can just pop the car seat right on the stroller and go.

Here’s the car seat adapter for the stroller above. It can be used for any car seat which is so wonderful.

This is the most perfect little seat for the bath to keep them elevated in the tub while still in the water and cozy. We tried a different brand that you put in your sink and we just felt like it didn’t support their head well and they ended up just resting their chin on their chest.

The sweetest little play gym for babes. Both of our boys have loved this so much.

We used the rock & play when Asher was little so that he could ‘sit’ at the table with us for dinner, so I could set him down without having to put him on the floor, etc. but with all the controversy around it we decided to get rid of it when Solomon was born. We used this instead and we loved it so much.

Such a good baby seat for traveling or camping

Some people love these amber teething necklaces, and some don’t. I personally think they’re wonderful

The best book I’ve found that explains, simply, how to eat while pregnant and what to feed babe when the time is right. It even includes recipes.

This little contraption was so much fun for both boys. They’d hang out and jump and smile and have the best time.

This sticker book is so great for airplane travels.

These are thick and get the job done. And aren’t filled with a lot of the icky ingredients that most wipes are filled with.

Great for making sure little don’t fall off the hanger

A serious life saver when babe gets their first (and subsequent) cold.

I tried the boppy for a little while with Asher but quickly found that I needed something a little bit more stable. This is AMAZING! And the added back support is so good. Nursing takes a toll on your back, especially in the beginning when it feels like that’s all you do. Definitely worth it.

For when babe inevitably gets the hiccups.

A great resource for using essential oils with babes.

We’re big fans of baby led weaning and honestly are more of a ’embrace the mess’ kind of family so we don’t really use a bib too often but when we do these are wonderful.

My favorite way to make sure those cupboards stay closed and little hands don’t get into places they shouldn’t be.

We use these almost daily for yogurt or smoothies and are great when you need something to take on the go that’s not full of nasty ingredients.

These help protect our little’s ears when they’re mowing the lawn with their dad.

Honestly, this is one of those items that I think should be in every home. We use it to clean our barstools, our couch, spot clean our rugs, and even clean the cushions on our outdoor furniture.

These suction to the counter or table which is wonderful for when babes are just learning table manners. We use them every single day.

Love this toothpaste for the boys.

We love this seat for an easy seat at our countertop for our 1 year old.

We got this for our oldest for his 3rd birthday and he loves it so much. You can go wrong with puzzles for toddlers.

We are a big fan of reading in our family and can’t wait to read the bigger version of this as our little get older but this is such a sweet read for the ages we’re at right now.

I cut the boys hair and this is key.

Plastic can be pretty toxic, especially if it’s being drank out of daily so I try to do what I can to limit the amount of plastic we use in our home and these cups are great for that.

Keeping with the theme of carefully curated kids dinnerware, we love these so much.

Pairs well with these.

A must have for sick babies.

This thermometer you simply swipe across your babes forehead making the rough days a little bit easier.

Cows milk is hard to digest for a multitude of reasons while goats milk is closest to breastmilk, making it easier for babes to digest. We bought this just in case we needed a back up but if your babe needs extra or just can’t nurse for some reason, I highly recommend this.

We’re a big fan of sound machines in our kiddos rooms but want most sound machines create an artificial sound that can be more irritating to kiddos than soothing. We love these fans. They look great in the boys rooms and are the perfect natural sound machine.

Our oldest goes to his room for quiet time while our youngest naps and we use this hour glass so he can keep track of how long he has left before he can come out. I won’t say it works every time but it works pretty great.

A necessity for nursing mamas.

A simple toothbrush for our littles.

Such a sweet book.

Asher got binoculars for his birthday and this has been a fun way to talk about the birds that are in our yard and search them out.

Love these organic crib sheets.

This is a great and sleek humidifier for the boys rooms and has been super helpful when they have colds.

When the temperature drops and we want to enjoy a fire without worrying if our babes will accidentally touch it, we put this up.

This tiny $2 book is such a simple way to infuse Jesus into our conversation with our kiddo’s every day. We love it.

Love this reusable swim diaper.

This light has been a game changer for us and our morning routine. You can read more about how we keep our toddler in his room til 8am, read this post.

We bought this for our niece for her 4th birthday and I secretly want it for myself.

This is one of our favorite books to read with the boys.

This one makes it on our subscribe and save list and we get it delivered monthly because it’s that necessary.

I used to use those plastic storage bags for my pumped milk but didn’t feel right storing the milk I was feed my babes in plastic like that. So I switch to using these silicone molds instead. Once frozen I just pop them out into a glass tupperware that I keep in the freezer.

These were a game changer when our youngest was born. Our oldest loved drawing with these and it would keep him entertained for hours. He’d draw on paper but also on any delivery boxes. It was great.

Asher is all about airplanes right now. Maybe it’s that we live near an airport. Or maybe because his dad travels on them regularly but either way I love encouraging him in what he’s excited about. He has this one memorized and it’s so sweet.

This book is so sweet to teach little’s about pregnancy when you’re going through it. Asher was a little too young when I was pregnant with Solomon but I can’t wait to read it with him when we’re pregnant with our next babe.

I have a couple of these little clocks, one in each of the boys rooms, and one in our dining room area and they are a classic, and inexpensive, which I can get behind.

The boys each have one of these as a night light in their room. The warm glow is great for sleeping. It’s been shown to aid in air purification, reducing stress, and reduce EMF in your home.


It’s mosquito season around here. We live right on a lake which means our mosquito population is out of control. This spray is all natural and works so well to keep them away!

We use these for our cleaning spray.

These are the cutest little plants for atop dressers in bedrooms or the bathroom countertop.

Love this for watering my plants.

This is GOLD for mamas. Most stain removers can be filled with so many harsh and toxic chemicals. This is the cleanest stain remover and works better than most toxic filled ones!

And then once you have the bottle just order this refill to save money.

We’ve become more aware of EMF and have started using these for our internet router so that it turns off automatically at night and back on in the morning so it’s not transmitting all night long.

I have a couple of these little clocks, one in each of the boys rooms, and one in our dining room area and they are a classic, and inexpensive, which I can get behind.

The boys each have one of these as a night light in their room. The warm glow is great for sleeping. It’s been shown to aid in air purification, reducing stress, and reduce EMF in your home.

I looked for a fiddle leaf fig for months and no one even knew what it was in my town. Or those that did had theirs way over priced. Of course I could count on Amazon to pull through for me.

This plant food is so great for fiddle leaf figs.

We got rid of most plastic in our house and love these for storing food and snacks. We’ve tried a few different cheaper options but nothing compares to these one. You can pop them in the dishwasher and take them with you on the go. Get a variety of sizes so you have what you need when you need it.

Morning Essentials

Keeping my coffee hot is a necessity. And this mug is just too cute!

Most nut milks come with all sorts of added ingredients that are not necessary and not good for you. This one is just coconut milk. Nothing else. I can drink my coffee knowing that I’m not drinking potentially harmful ingredients.

Coffee is one of the most heavily sprayed crops and the last thing I want to be drinking in my morning coffee is pesticides. Coffee is an item I always buy organic.

Coconut sugar is lower glycemic than traditional sugar and I love the caramely flavor it adds to my coffee.

This bible is so beautifully done. From the thoughtfully lettered verses at the beginning of every chapter to the bible in one year reading plan at the back, I just love everything about this bible.

I always keep a journal near by to jot down thoughts from my readings, or what stood out, and random to-do’s that pop into my head throughout the morning.

This stainless steel water bottle is great to make sure you’re not drinking out of plastic. I added the stainless steel straws below so that there was absolutely no plastic being sipped out of on the daily.

I love that these curve at the top making them easy to sip from all day.

Natural deodorant has been hard for me to find. Most have too much baking soda and it irritates my skin but this one has been so good.

This is my absolute favorite green beauty mascara. I tell everyone about it so chances are you’ve heard my talk about it.

My go to clean hair product when I just want to wear my hair natural.

This is so handy for traveling or just around the house, too.

This jade roller is so wonderful for rolling out wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness. Pro tip: keep it in the fridge for extra rejuvenation.

Most decaf coffee is decaffeinated using a process that involves chemicals. As you can imagine, chemicals is not really something you want to go near something you’re drinking. I go caffeine free when I’m pregnant and the first couple months of breast feeding and this is the best decaf I’ve found. They use a swiss water process allowing them to extract 99.9% of the caffeine in their beans, naturally. And it tastes amazing.

My go to curling iron.

We make french press every morning and love this for boiling our water. Would be perfect for tea as well.

Love this devotional

SO encouraging and life giving. Get one for yourself and then buy one for all your friends;)

Mama Style

The absolute best shirt for layering.

I’m all about the mommy and me matching game. Asher and I wore these together during his first trip to the snow and now Asher and Solomon wear them together and it’s just the cutest thing ever.

I try to wear these glasses whenever I’m working in front of the computer and love the slim lines.

Backyard Essentials

We’re all about the backyard fires.

We have 4 apples trees so these have come in handy.

The pole we use for our flag in our front yard. I wish we would have gone bigger and eventually we will but for now it does the job.

Did you know there’s a code of conduct for displaying the flag, or use of a flag in any manner? One of the requirements is that it must be lit at night or taken down at dusk. This little light is solar powered and attaches to the top of the flag pole so our flag never goes unlit.

Ok, this is one of my most random Amazon finds but it took our drab garage door and gave it a little more of a custom feel.

Cookbooks I Love

So many of my favorite recipes I’ve found in this cook book.


Is there anything this woman can’t do?!

This cookbook even has a meal planner in it. All the mama’s rejoice.

Christmas Favorites

I always LOVE dressing my boys up for Christmas. I’m currently loving every single piece by Hope & Henry. They give me Ralph Lauren vibes but they make all their clothes from organic cotton and are doing some really cool things as a company to change the fashion industry. Here’s a couple of my all time favorites but definitely check out their whole line here.

Love that this is a true mug and keeps my coffee hot for hours!

We got this nativity set for our wedding and it’s still one of my favorite gifts we got. It’s such a classic version of a nativity set and I can’t wait to pass it down to my kids one day.

They also have some of the most beautifully classic ornaments I’ve seen.

These two books are so beautifully illustrated and will bring such encouragement and hope to whoever you gift them to.

These color sticks are so fun for little ones and make great stocking stuffers.

Love this take on a tree collar

Our oldest just got his first set of Legos and he’s been obsessed with them ever since!

I can’t wait to get him some Lincoln Logs next!

Ok how fun would these be for boys?! I’m definitely keeping this in mind for next year!

My boys love building with these magnet tiles and I love that they’re not made out of plastic. It’s a win for everyone!

We snagged this for Asher earlier this year and it’s been sitting in the office just waiting for Christmas to arrive. He’s always asking to take photos on my phone so I can’t wait to give it to him!

Our boys absolutely LOVE their play kitchen. And I love that I can tell them to ‘go make mama some dinner’ and they’ll run over and stay occupied while I make actually dinner:)

I’m a boy mom. Of course a Nerf gun is going to make the list;)

This is a such a fun way to keep kiddos active during the rainy months.

We stayed at a friends Airbnb in Seattle over the summer and they had one of these in their backyard. The boys absolutely loved it!

Asher’s favorite color is red, as I’m sure it is for most boys, and he would be beyond stoked about this. I love that it’s a 2 seater so Solomon can ride along too.

This is another fun one and the back could be used for more seating (depending on the size of child)

The cutest little table and chairs for all sorts of fun activities.

My mom got this for Asher last year and both boys absolutely love it!

Ok, now onto gifts for mama. I tried to pick things that would be specific for her, not for the house or family, if that makes sense.

This watch is my dream watch… someday…

Love the look of this one as well! And a better price point.

Obsessed with this blanket!

This pack could be split up and gifted to 3 different friends. And I don’t know any mama who doesn’t love Rifle Paper Co.

I have heard nothing but amazing things about this back massager and I love that it comes in cream!

This journaling psalter is so beautiful and would make the most amazing gift. It has a blank page along side of each psalm of the bible so you can journal along side the psalm you are reading. Such a great gift!

Every mama should have a luxurious robe.

Every mama should also have a nice pair of pajama’s they can lounge in all day and still look somewhat put together;)

And complete the look with some cozy slippers

Some Christmas books can be cheesy but some can be beautiful and meaningful. These are some of our favorites.

This one we love to have on hand for church service.

Furnishing the Chateau To Go