Favorite Reads of 2021

favorite reads of 2021

As a mama of 3 boys and another on the way, it can be difficult to get any kind of reading done. But I find that when I get up just a few minutes earlier in the morning and give myself just 10 minutes to read, I slowly but surely make it through a book here and there. And as it turns out, when I start the day with a few pages of reading, I tend to want to read more throughout the day, as well. These are my Favorite Reads of 2021

Now, not all books are worth reading all the way through. I have no shame in saying that if a book just isn’t all I thought it would be, I’ll stop reading it and find something else. Time is precious and I don’t want to waste it on a book that isn’t worth it.

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Favorite Reads of 2021

God Has A Name by John Mark Comer

This book has been sitting on our shelves for years. I cracked it open when I first bought it but life drew me away from it and I never finished it. I’m not sure what prompted me to pick it back up this past year but I did and it was well worth the time. The book takes you line by line through Exodus 34:6-8, breaking down who God says that he is and how that may contradict the way we currently see God.

Domestic Monastery by Ronald Rolheiser

This is one of those books that I’ll be reading every year. It’s a short, easy read that’s full of so much encouragement. A monestary is a place set apart – to learn that powerlessness brings blessings and that time is not ours, but Gods. Rolheiser points out that motherhood is a lot like monasticism and I would have to agree.

Hold On To Your Kids by Gordon Neufeld and Gabor Mate

The best parenting book! I started listening to this on Audible but quickly realized that I needed a hard copy so that I could highlight and take notes along the way. This book had been recommended to me by multiple people I respect. So I figured I’d better give it a read. The book goes into the dangers of kids being focused on what their peers think over what their parents think, the value of a strong parent/child relationship and how to build one, no matter how old or young your children are.

Memory Making Mom by Jessica Smartt

This book is so sweet and so full of precious ideas to create lasting memories with your kids. And all very attainable, too. Nothing crazy or extravagant but intentional and meaningful. I’ll definitely be referring back to this book a lot throughout the years.

Dumbing Us Down by John Taylor Gatto

If you want an eye opening look into institutional schooling, written by an award winning teacher, this is the book. Not everyone is ready to learn what’s inside the pages of this book but once your eyes are opened, you’re changed, for the better.

Raising Financially Fit Kids by Joline Godfrey

Our financial advisor recommended this book and we’ve loved it so much. It gives practical tips on how to talk about money with your kids based on their age. It also gives you simple practices that you can do with your kiddos to help them learn to give, save, spend, earn what they’re worth, start a business, etc. Our oldest has been very into entrepreneurial endeavors lately. From selling paper airplanes at the neighborhood playground to setting up an overnight rental in the entry closet. This book has been great to help us harness that desire and encourage it even more!

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  • Julie 1 year ago Reply

    Those books definitely sound like books I’d be interested in reading. A few are actually on my list. But you’re right, as a mom it is almost impossible to find time to sit down and read. But we try anyway, right?

  • Felicia 1 year ago Reply

    Ooo I definitely need to check these out. Thank you for such a great list.

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