How To Read Books As A Full-Scheduled Mom

How To Read Books As A Full-Scheduled Mom

I’ve always been a reader. There’s something about it that just fuels my heart. I grew up on fiction, as most do. Then slowly graduated to more business minded books and now the majority of my reading revolves around raising littles. Each stage of life brings with it a new genre of books, it seems.

Motherhood doesn’t make it easy though. Reading either happens before they wake, during their nap time, or when they go to bed. Which, let’s be honest, those times of day I usually would rather sleep than read. But I’ve learned over the years that reading doesn’t have to mean having quiet time to sit and open a book. While this is my preferred method, it’s not as common these days as it was pre-kiddos.

So I use a service called Audible. You pay a monthly subscription and then get to choose an audio book of your choice each month. I love this because I can be ‘reading’ (i.e. learning) while we’re in the car running errands, while I’m prepping dinner or folding laundry.

I’m a big believer that you have to take advantage of the little moments that you DO have as a mama rather than dwell on the moments you DON’T have. And reading is one of those moments. I can either dwell on the fact that I don’t get much time to sit and read or I can change the way I look at reading and ‘read’ by listening to an audiobook. So if you’re like me and wondering How To Read Books As A Full-Scheduled Mom, perhaps an audiobook is just what your heart needs.

Some of my most recents reads that I have truly enjoyed have been:

The Memory Making Mom: Building Traditions That Breath Life Into Your Home – This book was so rich with sweet reminders that the best memories for our children don’t have to be big extravagant events but rather simple practices we implement throughout our weeks, months and years that leave a lasting impact. It’s simple and approachable. I never felt overwhelmed by needing to do X,Y, or Z. Rather, she gives little encouragements and ideas all along the way. Highly recommend for any family who loves creating memories for their kids.

Wild Things: The Art Of Nurturing Boys – A must read for any parent of boys. Wild Things is written by two therapists who share how best to parent a boy; physically, emotionally and spiritually. How to encourage all the things that make boys unique and not to shy away from the craziness that comes with raising boys but rather harness it for their own good and flourishing.

Letters To The Church – Don’t read if you’re not ready to have your world rocked by the perspectives he gives in this book. It’s so powerful and convicting and will leave you desiring to live a more Jesus filled life.

Simplicity Parenting: Using The Extraordinary Power Of Less To Raise Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids – I was recommended this book by a friend and it did not disappoint. Another simple steps type of book that empowers you to create an home where your kids can thrive. Highly recommend.

A Shepherd Looks At Psalm 23 – This short read is so powerful. It gives you so much context and perspective of what David was actually meaning when he wrote Psalm 23. It’s one of those books that I’ll be ‘reading’ over and over again because there’s just so much packed into it.

The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe – I love having an option for the boys to listen to while we are in the car. They love The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe and this audio version has been a huge hit.

Have you tried Audible? If you’ve ever wondered How To Read Books As A Full-Scheduled Mom then I think you’ll really enjoy it.

To see a full list of all my favorite Amazon Finds click here:

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