Tips For Natural Energy During Pregnancy

Tips For Natural Energy During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be hard enough on our bodies and our minds. Dealing with a lack of energy tends to come with the territory. But does it have to? My hope is that these Tips For Natural Energy During Pregnancy will help. I’m currently 1 week away from my due date and while naturally I’m not always able to find the best position for sleep, my energy is still going strong. And no, I’m not chugging tons of coffee. In fact, I have one cup of half caffeinated coffee in the morning. That’s it.

Lack of energy is something that many mama’s struggle with. Whether pregnant or not. So while these tips are directed at pregnant mama’s, my hope is that all mama’s can benefit from these Tips For Natural Energy During Pregnancy.

Get Your Blood Tested

A loss of energy tends to be a common trend in pregnancy. And often chalked up to just the way it is when you’re pregnant. While this may be true, in part, I don’t think you have to settle for being exhausted from the moment you get out of bed. If you feel tired, let your midwife know. Request to have your blood drawn if she doesn’t suggest it. I had my blood drawn at the beginning of pregnancy and my levels were in a pretty good spot. When I hit a wall at the beginning of my third trimester my midwife suggested getting my blood drawn again to see if anything has changed.

And it had. My iron had plummeted. Which tends to be the case for many women during their third trimester. Baby’s need a lot from us to grow and thrive inside the womb. So my midwife put me on an iron supplement. She had me double dose for the first 2 weeks to get my levels back to a good spot and then switched me to a normal dosage after that for continued maintenance. This is in no way meant to be medical advice, but rather what I have done that has worked well. Always consult your health care provider.

Start Your Morning Right

The way we start our day really does set the tone for the rest of the day. I always make sure to get up before my boys. (My boys have to stay in their bedroom until 7:30am even if they wake before then. You can read more about how we made that happen here: While I know full well that this will change when babe arrives, for now I’m enjoying the quiet mornings, knowing that there’s a season for everything and that we’re about to enter a season where I’ll be getting as much sleep as I can, whenever I can. But having a few quiet moments before the boys are up and ready to go gives me time to read and pray in silence. If I start my day with a kid in my face, waking me up, it’s just hard to feel like I’m at my best. When the boys do wake up and I’ve had time to read, pray, and decide how I want our day to go, everything just runs more smoothly and I feel at my best.

I take ashwagandha first thing in the morning followed by my greens shake. The benefits of ashwagandha are vast but one of the main ones is a natural boost in energy. Pairing it with my super foods green shake gives the perfect combination of natural energy. From there I’ll make my coffee for the day (1 cup of half-caff for the whole day) and pop some essential oils in the diffuser while it brews. You can find a plethora of energy boosting essential oil blends on Pinterest. I’ve been loving the smell of citrus with peppermint. Often I’ll grab grapefruit, orange, and peppermint and drop them into the diffuser. Then I sip my coffee while I read my bible.

Maintain Good Energy Throughout The Day

What about the afternoon slump? We all get it from time to time. I’ve noticed for myself, that slump often comes when I’ve had a heavy lunch, void of greens. Pay attention the next time you feel an energy slump. Did you just eat a heavy meal that your body needs to use extra energy to metabolize? Food can be fuel for our brains and our bodies. It can also be what’s causing us to feel less than energetic so pay attention and take note.

I like to take my vitamins with my lunch. I’ve found that this can give me another natural energy boost to get me through the rest of the day. But again, just like what food you’re eating matters, what vitamins you’re taking matters as well. Not all are created equally. I didn’t know this until I started doing my research on the Costco prenatal vitamin that my OB had recommended to me when I was pregnant with Asher. The more I looked into the ingredients that were used, the more I knew I needed to find a better option.

Point being, do your own research. Just because someone says to take something doesn’t mean that they’ve looked into it at all. I think we often assume that if it’s being sold in stores then it’s gone through the proper testing to be allowed to be sold. Sadly, that’s just not true. Don’t even take my word for any of this. Do the research yourself and come to your own conclusions as to what’s safe, or what you’re willing to allow in your and your child’s body. The products that I use daily can be found here: and you can use code CIRULLO at checkout to get $50 or 25% off, whichever is higher!

Getting A Good Night Sleep

Of course, if you’re not getting a good night sleep, then the rest of these tips will only get you so far. Proper sleep is the foundation to having good energy throughout the day. There is a few things that I do right before bed to help my body relax and improve my sleep overall. I try to put my phone away an hour before bed. This isn’t always possible but when it is it makes a big difference. I also go to bed no later than 9:30pm. Our kids are in bed by 7/7:30. This allows Chris and I time to unwind while also getting to bed early. Before bed I make sure to take my Apothe-Cherry drink. This drink has a wide variety of unique antioxidants and phytochemicals to help balance circadian rhythms. A balanced circadian rhythm means a better nights sleep. I follow that with my magnesium drink by Dr Wholeness. Magnesium is one of the most common nutritional deficiencies in the industrialized world! When you have the proper amount of magnesium in your body, you have healthy long and short term memory, learning, stress management, and sleep.

A healthy diet and lifestyle are key to feeling your best. If you’re feeling off, you might need to be feeding your body with foods that nourish it to it’s core. These plant based superfoods are my absolute favorite and a must have for any mama. You can use the code: CIRULLO at checkout to receive $50 off or 25% off (whichever is greater!).

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