Vitamins For Kids | What We Give Our Kiddos

vitamins for kids

When it comes to vitamins for kids, we have a few favorites that keep our boys healthy year round. And the best part? They look forward to taking them every day. They even ask for them! Here’s a quick breakdown of what we give our kiddos.

Vitamins For Kids & Toddlers


We love this brand and the boys literally gobble them up!

Vitamin D

I love that this is a cream rather than a pill or gummy. Did you know that studies show vitamin D is absorbs nearly eight times better when applied topically vs taken orally?!

Elderberry Syrup

Not all elderberry syrups are created equally. This company I found when we were still living in Seattle and they make the best around! We make sure to give this to our kiddos throughout the winter months to help boost their immune system

Vitamin C

We take a whole foods vitamin c, meaning the vitamin c comes from real food, rather than ascorbic acid. In my mind it seems to make sense that our bodies would absorb and better utilize a vitamin c that’s coming from real foods. Since this is a powder form we like to mix it together with a tiny bit of organic juice.


This cream is our go to night time cream. It’s great for a restful nights sleep and also helps with growing pains which our oldest hasn’t struggled with since we started using it.

Want to see our families flu natural remedies? Read this post for our entire protocol.

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