What I Buy From Azure Standard

What I Buy From Azure Standard

I recently started ordering from a company called Azure Standard. I’d been hearing about them but hadn’t really looked into what they did or how they operated. Turns out, they are amazing! And since sharing a little bit about my experience on Instagram I’ve gotten a few questions about what I have ordered from them. So I wanted an easy place to share what I buy from Azure Standard in hopes that it helps more people. If you’ve read about our family’s emergency food kit then you know that we’ve gotten a lot of our food for storing from Azure Standard.

Why I Love Azure Standard

-high standard of products – most of what they offer is organic



-I do all my grocery shopping online and just have to arrive at the drop site and load it into my car. No unbuckling kiddos, no navigating the grocery aisle with 4 boys just easy pick up. I like that

How Does Azure Standard Work

Azure Standard is similar to discount warehouse stores like Costco and Sams Club but without the storefront or membership fee. They offer high-quality, real foods with real ingredients which I love. And they offer them at affordable prices. I’m all for saving money wherever possible but our food is one area where I will gladly spend more than most. I feel that it’s an investment in our future health. So I love that I can still shop high quality, healthy foods, at a reasonable price.

To get started, all you have to do is create an account. Then just start shopping. Orders are batch delivered to a drop site so you can check out, remember that you needed something else, and still add it to your order up until the cut-off time for that month’s delivery. I inevitably end up forgetting an item or 3 so this feature, in particular, has been SO helpful!

What I Buy From Azure Standard

Cheese: we love this raw cheddar cheese. It comes in a huge brick that lasts us all month long and tastes delicious.

Milk: we try to get our raw milk locally but sometimes it’s just not available. When that happens we love that we can get raw a2/a2 milk from Azure.

Ezekiel products: we love all of the products that Ezekiel offers. Because their grains are sprouted they are more easily digested and the nutrients are more easily absorbed.

Bulk Organic Beans

Bulk Organic Rice

Produce: All of their produce is so great and I love that it’s grown either by them or by farmers that they know. 

Canning Jars

Canning Lids

Food Storage Buckets

Food Storage Lids

Cough Elixir

Oxygen Absorbers: for long term food storage

Redmond Real Salt


Organic Chocolate Chips

Parchment Baking Sheets

Heirloom Garden Seeds





Dried fruits: I’m a huge fan of their mangoes and blueberries but they’re all delicious

Garden Starts: these are seasonal but when they are available they go fast. They are organic and a great price

Animal Feed: chickens, goats, hog, etc

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