My Minimalist Beautycounter Must Haves

My Minimalist Beautycounter Must Haves

My Minimalist Beautycounter Must Haves

Being a stay at home mom, my look is very minimal most days, both clothing and makeup. I was actually joking with a friend the other day that I need to invest in more loungewear, because that’s what I wear most days. But just because my look is minimalist doesn’t mean that I don’t care about what I’m wearing or what I’m putting on my skin. No No. I probably care now more than ever because 1. have three boys can show on your face if you’re not taking care of your skin (and sometimes shows even when you are taking care of your skin;) and 2. those few minutes of my skincare routine are sometime the only alone time I get in a day.

Of course I’m also very picky about the types of products I’m using on my skin. So many products are packed full of toxic ingredients that can wreak havoc on our body. Which is why I’m always touting Beautycounter. Their standards are the very highest which makes it an easy one stop shop. I don’t have to think about whether it’s safe or not. Which is a huge win for this mama.

I have so many favorites from Beautycounter but these are my minimalist Beautycounter must haves.

  1. Body Wash– such a beautiful scent and leaves me feeling so fresh and so clean clean
  2. Body Scrub – let’s be real… getting to take a shower is a luxury these days. And when I get to take one sans kids it is a little slice of quiet, steamy heaven. So when it does happen, I love to break out my body scrub. It is the most amazingly hydrating exfoliator that leaves my skin feeling silky soft and smooth. Pure luxury.
  3. Body Lotion – again, the scent is divine. But not in an overpowering way like some lotions can be (the most popular lotion store actually has some of the most toxic ingredients in their products. Pro tip: the ingredient ‘fragrance’ can hold multiple toxic ingredients within that one ingredient)
  4. Deodorant – Deodorant can be a huge win for your health when you’re able to switch to a safer option, however most just don’t work the way that a conventional deo does. Beautycounter’s Deo is different. So much so that I was even able to convince my mom to switch as well (a huge feat as she was very adamant that I was not allowed to touch her deo). There’s 3 scents and while I love them all, I’m pretty obsessed with the coconut scent. Leaves me feeling like I’m on a tropical vacation.
  5. Cleansing Balm – there’s a reason why this is a bestseller. It’s a thick, creamy consistency that works for so many things without leaving any kind of greasy residue. I love to use this as a cleanser or a hydrating overnight mask on dry cold nights. One of my boys had eczema when he was younger and this helped his skin so much.
  6. C Serum – Everyone needs a vitamin c serum in their lives. I take that back. Everyone needs THIS vitamin c serum in their lives. It brightens and tightens skin for the most beautiful glowy skin. A true game-changer.
  7. Eye cream – Every momma needs an eye cream. This one helps with under eye circles as well as the fine lines that we all get. I even like to use it around my lips for the little fine lines that have tried to make an appearance their as well.
  8. Overnight Resurfacing Peel – This should actually be first on the list. This peel is a true game changer. It exfoliates, without having to scrub your skin raw. It brightens your skin while softening dark spots. It’s a must for everyone.

Short and sweet – My Minimalist Beautycounter Must Haves are products I use daily and love love love.

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