The Love Nudge App

the love nudge app

A couple of months ago Chris & I found ourselves treating each other poorly. Our tone towards each other was harsh and loving-kindness had left our lips. A series of events had transpired that had left us emotionally and physically tired. And while life can be full of stressful, tiring situations, we were letting it affect our marriage. Something needed to change.

Chris recognized it first and came to me one day expressing his concern that we weren’t loving each other well. We prayed together and went about our day. Later that week he shared that he had found an app that might be able to help us. Now Chris is a total tech guy. If there’s a device or an app that could potentially improve an area of his life, he’s all in. I can’t tell you how many times an Apple purchase comes through that ends up being a free trial that wasn’t cancelled soon enough. All that to say, Chris is a big tech guy. I, however, ,am not. If my phone allows me to make calls, send texts and navigates me to where I’m going then I’m happy. (Oh and having the ability to browse Pinterest is pretty important too). So when he came to me with another app that he found I may have rolled my eyes (like I said, loving-kindness was not defining our marriage at this point).

You may have heard of ‘love languages’ before. They are the way that we receive and give love. Some feel most loved when gifts are given to them while others cherish quality time or physical touch. Some feel so treasured and cared for when acts of service are given to them while some love to be affirmed through words. Chris and I weren’t loving each other well and it was because we weren’t speaking each others language well. And as it turns out, there’s an app for that.

Enter; The Love Nudge App. We both answered a few questions inside the app to determine our love language. Chris has always been and probably always will be physical touch. My language, however, had change. When we were married I was a quality time and physical touch kind of gal (which was probably due to a combination of being newlyweds and having had a long distance relationship up until we were married, including a deployment). But now, nearly 10 years later and 3 kiddos later, physical touch isn’t all that important to me. Do the dishes, though, and I feel both seen and cherished.

So once you determine you and your spouses love language in The Love Nudge App you input your spouses language into your app. What’s next is just brilliant. It’s one thing to know your spouses love language. It’s another thing entirely to remember to speak their language to them on a regular basis. The app sends you daily reminders to speak their language! Game. Changer.

Now I get a daily reminder to kiss Chris, something so simple yet surprisingly easy to forget when raising a family together. And Chris gets a reminder to

Loving our spouse doesn’t have to be big, extravagant gestures but kisses and dishes can go a long way to caring for your marriage.

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